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NEW PROJECTS: Our principal fields of interest are Building Services Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Acoustic.

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  Feasibility Studies
  Site Surveys / Audits
  Integrity Checks
  Preliminary and Comprehensive Designs
  Contract Administration


  Supervision to Commissioning and beyond for all types of projects, including:

  Industrial Complexes
  Institutional Buildings
  Multi - Storey Developments
  Housing Estate Developments
  Commercial Developments

Residential Complex.


SYSTEM DESIGN:  All types of mechanical, electrical and public health services including:
  Air-Conditioning, and Ventilation Systems.
  Heating Systems.
  Boilers and Generation Systems
  Water Supply Installations
  Drainage Installations
  Sanitary Installations
  Fire Protection Installations
  Compressed Air Systems

  Medical Gases Installations
  Fuel Oil/Gas Installations
  Power Distribution
  Lightning Protection and Earthing Installations
  Electronic and Surge protection
  Fire detection and Alarm System
  Security Systems
  Illumination Engineering
  Mechanical Handling
  Communication Systems


RESTORATION, REFURBISHMENT AND REPAIR: VICAK CONSULT is able to offer its Clients a very wide range of experience and expertise relating to existing buildings. Increasingly, however, we find that much younger buildings are being re-assessed by their owners who wish to improve the standard of internal finishes, services installations and environmental control, all of which must be reflected in rental growth and property value. The conversion of existing buildings for another purpose is another alteration work that requires careful consideration of weather-proofing insulation, suitability and sensitivity of equipment to environmental conditions and other technical matters. VICAK CONSULT is able to respond to the needs of its Clients and will assess such needs as necessary.


OUR APPROACH: We believe in tailoring the project team to the needs of our Clients. We subscribe to early involvement of all relevant to the project. We press for optimum solution for optimum result. Within the framework set by the time schedule agreed with the Client, the design process is monitored to ensure that calculations, drawings and design are subject to standards and checks. Project costs can be processed continuously and the Client’s attention drawn to matters which lead to cost over-run. The director’s involvement with the project continues through the contract stage to the final commissioning of the plant and beyond. Both visiting and resident engineers of VICAK CONSULT have the responsibility of ensuring that materials comply with the specification and that the work is carried out to meet the required performance specifications. Where appropriate, VICAK CONSULT will advise on the running and maintenance of plant during the life of the project.